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Are you ready to experience the FLEXPAK difference?

Make FLEXPAK, your first choice when deciding on the right package leak detection equipment for your business. Our more efficient and more rugged design puts us ahead of the curve in quality and durability of our equipment compared to the competition. The durability of our units mean that less repairs and downtime will be required, saving you valuable time and money.

The FLEXPAK leak detector offers operators the choice of many testing methods to satisfy company standards on package seal strength; from Bubble Emission testing to a Dry Chamber method, Vacuum Package testing and even Altitude Simulation, FLEXPAK performs them all. Depending on your packaging applications, any number of these tests may be beneficial, and our one machine delivers them to your specifications. Instead of losing important production time attempting multiple methods to check the strength of the seals on your packaged product, use a FLEXPAK leak detector to cover all your leak detection bases. To get more information on FLEXPAK products, or if you have specific questions, fill out the following form to get started on obtaining a new solution to achieving the packaging results you need!

Select model number of interest from the list below:

Model Number Inside Tank Dimensions (L x W x H)
Unit Length Width Height
Inches 11 8 8 10 x 7 x 5
mm 280 200 200 250 x 180 x 130
Inches 18 12 10 17 x11x 7
mm 460 355 255 430 x 280 x 180
Inches 20 14 13 19 x 13 x 10
mm 510 355 330 480 x 330 x 250
Inches 24 20 15 23 x19 x12
mm 610 510 380 580 x 480 x 300
Inches 30 20 15 29 x 19 x 12
mm 760 510 380 740 x 480 x 300
Inches 32 26 19 31x 25 x15
mm 810 660 480 790 x 630 x 380
Inches 39 22 20 38 x 21 x 16
mm 990 560 510 970 x 530 x 400

Optional (not required) FlexPak Control Packages:

 Yes Check this box if you do not have access to compressed air and require the quote to include an electric vacuum pump option. (Not required if compressed air is available)

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FlexPak Leak Detector is distributed by Flex Essentials Inc.