FPSA Control Package

FLEXPAK Model FPSA Control Package

The FPSA consists of a sleek stainless steel independent panel complete with operator interface, all pneumatics and PLC to control the vacuum setpoints and test times. The semi-automatic control is an easy process that allows operators to set two independent or successive vacuum level setpoints for Bubble Emission Vacuum Tests (per ASTM Standard Test Method D3078-02), Altitude Tests (per ASTM Standard Test Method D6653) and Dry Chamber or Burst and Creep Tests. Operators can program each test with a countdown timer setting for the length of time required to perform the test. It is simple to operate and provides improved repeatability for the operator. The only connection from the control box to the FLEXPAK Package Leak Detector (vacuum test unit) is an air line making the FPSA retrofittable to all FLEXPAK units or similar competitors’ vacuum style, bubble test, package leak detectors.

Features of the FPSA include:

  • Stainless Steel Control Box
  • CSA, UL, CE Compliant Panel
  • Panel Designed for Wash Down Environments
  • Retrofittable to Any Similar Bubble Test Leak Detector by Other Manufacturers
  • Required Power Supply of 120-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 1 Phase

Benefits of the FLEXPAK FPSA unit will be realized by many industries such as those in the manufacture of packaging and end user food packagers of meat, fish & seafood, cheese & dairy, confectionery, snacks, pet food & pet treats, cereals, grains & baked goods, coffee & coffee pods, medical & pharma and any non-food packaging item where package seal integrity is critical.


FLEXPAK FPSA Control Package

FPSA Control Package