The FlexPak Internal Pressurization Assembly (FPIPA) is a stand-alone unit that can be paired with the FlexPak Leak Detector. This sophisticated equipment solution is used to perform the “ASTM F2096 Testing Standard - Detecting Gross Leaks in Packaging by Internal Pressurization (Bubble Leak Test)”. The FPIPA includes a stainless-steel instrument control console and open/close valve, alongside a high-precision pressure delivery system complete with an air line and a manually adjustable air pressure regulator. This air pressure regulator can maintain a desired testing pressure and ensures accurate testing results. The FPIPA also includes a device for package puncturing (with a quantity of 100 septa included), creating an airtight entry point for pressurized air to enter the package. With a 4-inch (100mm) diameter pressure gauge, the FPIPA has a range of 0-20 inches of water and is ideal for testing a diverse range of packages.

The ASTM F2096 Testing Standard requires a water bath, as the package must be submerged to a minimum water depth of 1”. As the standard FlexPak Leak Detector provides a water chamber and a means to submerge the package under water with the lid/hold down plate, the FPIPA can be used in concert with a standard FlexPak Leak Detector to provide increased functionality. Pairing the FPIPA with the Flexpak Leak Detector allows for accurate and steady pressurization of packages, with consistent, precise, and repeatable results. The transparent acrylic FlexPak water chamber allows for 360 degree viewing of the package, simplifying ASTM F2096 by eliminating the need for operator rotation of the package, reducing testing time.

Unlike the standard FlexPak Leak Detector test - in which a package is subjected to a vacuum environment - the FPIPA test pressurizes a package in a range of 0-20 inch wc (inches water column) to inspect for leaks. This test method has an increased sensitivity and can detect micro leaks as small as 250μm (0.010in), which would be undetectable by a standard bubble emission test. This increased sensitivity makes the FPIPA test a desirable testing method for medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers. The FPIPA test is ideal for sensitive, sterile, materials and packaging that could be easily contaminated by a small leak.

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