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FlexPak Leak Detector

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If you’re looking to add quality control to your packaging applications, the package leak detector has everything you need. Our leak detectors can be used to perform a variety of seal integrity tests to ensure your package’s seals meet your standards. Faulty package seals, seams, or closures cost you money, and determining the source of a packaging leak is crucial to ensuring that your customers receive an unspoiled product. The package leak detection systems are available in a variety of sizes and can be customized to suit your individual package seal testing needs.

package leak detectors can detect leaks by testing your packaging within its vacuum chamber enclosure. The seal integrity tests can be performed in both wet and dry environments – depending on the product and package specifications. package leak detectors provide a visual representation of the source of your package’s leak, allowing you to be confident in the integrity of your package seal.

Some common leak detection test methods include: Bubble Emission tests, Vacuum Package tests, Dry Chamber tests, and Altitude Simulation tests. Our package leak detection equipment is comprised of a clear, acrylic tank (the chamber), vacuum system, and an indicator gauge. Solid stainless-steel components are used through the package leak detectors for added durability and strength. seal integrity test equipment is available with manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic control systems to best suit your testing needs.

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Package leak detector and seal integrity tester

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Leak tester works great!

Leak tester works great and this will save me hours of time every week. Ultimately I’ll be able to turn this over to our hourly workforce. Thanks again for a great product.

Ross Daharsh P.E.  -  Eaton Corporation

We rely heavily on the reliabilty of these FlexPak Leak Detectors

Firstly we have three tanks in our production area that are used everyday and all day with minimal maintenance. The operators check finished product every hour for verification of seals and can rely on the visual result. It has been great to pinpoint seal failures and fractures of our pouches, where we can quickly fix a defect when noticed. All our testing is done inline with our bag machines so we rely heavily on the reliabilty of these FlexPak Leak Detectors.
Also since I do most of the maintenance on these tanks, I can honestly say they’re built tough, easy to clean and changing the seals is a breeze. We put these tanks through a lot, lids opening and closing all day long and with no issues. We have a tank purchased in 2013 and its still going with no end in sight, used everyday.
It’s a solid product and has become an essential part of our quality system.

Kurt Lewis, Quality Control Coordinator  -  Packall Packaging Inc.

Tests went well

Wayne & Jason’s visit went well I believe. I told them how reliable they are and the support from you guys is great.

Ryan Parker, Engineering  -  Halo Foods Ltd.

FlexPak has an outstanding product!

FlexPak has an outstanding product, pure and simple. It is fast, easy to clean, and very reliable in its feedback. I’m so glad we made this choice; we are able to make small adjustments on the fly to our packaging equipment because of its precise accuracy. 5 Stars for FlexPak!

Dave Dalton, CEO  -  eBars


Leak detector works great. No issues and excellent company to deal with.

Terry Cliche  -  Heidelberg Foods Ltd.

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