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At FlexPak, we take seal integrity one step further.

Reduce Down Time

Leaky packages and recalls can be costly. By using industry leading ASTM testing standards, you can reduce product waste and production downtime.

Pinpoint Leak Location

Our bubble emission tests allow users to identify the exact location of a leak, allowing maintenance staff to more easily determine the root cause and get back up and running.

Quick & Reliable Testing

Tests can be completed in 30 seconds or less, ensuring your production line runs smoothly and efficiently.


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Provide confidence in the integrity of your packaging.

Package Leak Detector

The FlexPak leak detector identify and pinpoint the location of package leaks in 30 seconds or less with seal integrity testing to ASTM standards. This prevents costly recalls and ensures your packages reach your customers safe and sealed.
Our Process

The FlexPak Advantage

Experience the FlexPak Advantage with our tailored 3-step process. Selecting the right equipment, defining testing protocols, and applying precise parameters to ensure your package reaches its destination fully sealed and intact.

Equipment Selection:

Ask our experts to help find the right FlexPak equipment size for your specific packaging needs. This is based on your package size, and how many packages you wish to test at once.


Set Testing Protocols:

Choose the appropriate test for your packaging with our expert guidance: whether it’s Bubble Emission, Altitude Simulation, VAC, or other ASTM tests, we’ve got you covered. Click below to see what types of tests our Leak Detector is made for.


Determine Testing Parameters:

Our experts will work with you to identify what testing parameters should be used based on your shipping method—whether by air, land, or sea.


Leak Tests for every scenario.

We know your packages go through a lot before reaching their final destination. The FlexPak Leak Detector makes it easy to perform a variety of ASTM package testing methods, helping you to ensure your package’s seals meet your standards.

Bubble Emission Testing

The Bubble Emission Test (ASTM 3078) is the most common test performed on both flexible and rigid packaging. This test can be used to quickly identify leaks in your package.


How it Works

This visual test allows you to quickly identify the location of a leak via air bubbles escaping your package, pinpointing where your package has failed.

Altitude Simulation Testing

Altitude Simulation Testing (ASTM D6653) can be used to simulate the stresses a package would experience due to altitude changes during air transit or truck transit through mountain ranges.


How it Works

Packages undergoing altitude testing are exposed to stresses well beyond a simple “squeeze” test. The FlexPak Leak Detector can be used to test at specific altitude ranges to accurately identify any failure points in your package.

Internal Pressurization Testing

Internal Pressurization Testing (ASTM F2096) can be used on packages with little headspace (i.e vacuum-sealed packages) to visually determine leak points.


How it Works

By creating low pressure levels inside a package, this destructive test can consistently identify small leaks (~250 microns) in packages with little air volume. These tests are extremely useful in laboratory environments where new materials and package designs are tested.

Dry Chamber Testing

Dry chamber tests are tests that are performed without water in the Leak Detector tank. The Dry Tank Leak Procedure is best suited for packages whose contents are liquid and have little headspace or air within the package. This test method is typically performed with liquid-filled products (i.e. condiment sachets or bottles with lug-style and threaded caps).


How it Works

The package is placed in a dry FlexPak tank on a paper towel or absorbent material. The vacuum is created to your specifications and, if the paper towel or absorbent material is wet when the test concludes, the package seal is faulty.

Low Head Space & Vacuum Seal Integrity Testing

The FlexPak VAC attachment can be used to modify a low-headspace or vacuum sealed package’s internal environment by adding excess air. This is required to perform ASTM testing standards on low-headspace packages.


How it Works

By utilizing the FlexPak Vacuum Package Attachment (VAC) add-on, you’ll be able to introduce atmospheric air into the package environment, allowing for bubble emission or dry chamber tests to be performed.
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Canadian-based manufacturers providing exceptional seal integrity testing equipment.

FlexPak has proudly been providing peace of mind around the globe for over a decade. Customers in nearly every manufacturing industry have come to rely on their FlexPak Leak Detectors, and we’re honored to hold that responsibility. With a wide range of product solutions and a dedicated support team, we’re confident we’ll have a solution that fits your needs.

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