At FlexPak, we take seal integrity one step further.

360° Seal Inspection

Our Leak Detectors allow simple, effective package testing of every package seal within one cycle. 

Identify Source of Leak

Identifying the presence of a seal leak is not enough. In order to implement quality improvements, the source of leakage  must be located.

Reduce Down Time

What does it cost if your packages have leaks. By using industry leading ASTM Testing standards, you can reduce loss product waste, and reduce production down time. 

Our Products

Provide confidence in the integrity of your packaging.

Package Leak Detector

The FlexPak leak detector performs high-quality seal integrity testing to ensure your packaging is sealed to your standards.
Our Process

The FlexPak Advantage

Our technology gives you the confidence that your package is reaching its destination fully sealed and intact. Whether you operate in the food and beverage industry, medical and pharmaceutical industries, or anything in between, FlexPak has a solution for you.


We know a poor seal can lead to significant losses in revenue and time wasted. Our Leak Detectors ensure you’re able to to catch problems before they leave your warehouse.


Industrial Quality.

The FlexPak design process is focused on delivering robust, long-lasting QA machinery. Our Leak Detectors are easy to operate and use only the highest-quality parts.



Available in multiple sizes and configurations, FlexPak Leak Detectors are capable of performing a variety of seal integrity tests for your unique package requirements. Want an automated solution or an electric vacuum pump? We have you covered.


Our Satisfied Customers

FlexPak has an outstanding product!

FlexPak has an outstanding product, pure and simple. It is fast, easy to clean, and very reliable in its feedback. I’m so glad we made this choice; we are able to make small adjustments on the fly to our packaging equipment because of its precise accuracy. 5 Stars for FlexPak!

Dave D., CEO

We rely heavily on the reliabilty of these FlexPak Leak Detectors

We have a tank purchased in 2013 and it's still going with no end in sight, used every day. It’s a solid product and has become an essential part of our quality system.

Kurt L., Quality Control Coordinator
Packall Packaging Inc.

Leak tester works great!

Leak tester works great and this will save me hours of time every week. Ultimately I’ll be able to turn this over to our hourly workforce. Thanks again for a great product!

Ross D., P.E.
Eaton Corporation

Works great!

Leak detector works great. No issues and excellent company to deal with.

Terry C.
Heidelberg Foods Ltd.
Who we are

Canadian-based manufacturers providing exceptional seal integrity testing equipment.

FlexPak has proudly been providing peace of mind around the globe for over a decade. Customers in nearly every manufacturing industry have come to rely on their FlexPak Leak Detectors, and we’re honored to hold that responsibility. With a wide range of product solutions and a dedicated support team, we’re confident we’ll have a solution that fits your needs.