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Package Leak Detection Equipment

The FLEXPAK leak detector machine is a high quality leak detection system that adds quality control to your packaging applications. The FLEXPAK leak detector is a seal integrity testing system that can be used to run various testing methods to determine if seals, seams or closures on packages have leaks or pressure issues which may result in damaged or spoiled product through faulty seals. Leak detection testing for all types of packages can vary from: Bubble Emission tests, to Vacuum Package tests, to Dry Chamber tests, to Altitude Simulation tests; and the FLEXPAK machine can do it all. Our packaging leak detection equipment consists of a clear, acrylic tank (or chamber), vacuum system, and indicator gauge, and is inclusive of solid stainless steel components for added durability and strength.

The FLEXPAK Difference

FLEXPAK strives to deliver the utmost in quality products to our customers. We primarily use stainless steel parts in our leak detection equipment – not brass or plastic like our competitors. Our elegant yet simple design offers more trouble free operation than our competitors. Our innovative leak detection system is suited for a wide range of packaging applications and types, including an array of food and beverage packaging, medical and pharmaceutical packaging, pet food packaging, manufacturers of packages and many, many, more.
Manual, Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic control systems are available.

Learn more about our leak detection equipment, seal integrity testing methods, or contact us today with questions or for additional information about our products.

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