Advanced Testing Methods

Utilize industry leading Testing Standards to ensure the highest quality of packaging integrity and safety.

Regulatory Compliance

Navigate the complex landscape of global food packaging regulations, ensuring your products meet all legal and safety standards.

Improved Quality

Quality of a finished Product is critical to create a world class reputation. With a FlexPak, you'll be able to ensure the highest quality outcomes from your products and packages.


The high cost of neglecting food package testing

Neglecting food package testing can lead to significant risks and challenges for food manufacturers and brands. Understanding these pain points highlights the critical importance of rigorous testing protocols to ensure consumer safety, maintain brand integrity, and comply with regulatory standards.

Types of Testing

Rigorous Testing for Uncompromised Quality

Discover our comprehensive testing services, ensuring top safety and quality standards. We evaluate packaging durability, chemical safety, and microbiological integrity, covering all essential aspects to protect your products and meet regulatory demands. Learn how our testing methods safeguard consumer health and your brand’s reputation.

Products & Technology

Providing confidence in the integrity of your packaging.

Package Leak Detector

The FlexPak leak detector performs high-quality seal integrity testing to ensure your packaging is sealed to your standards.

Customize Vacuum Generation Method

If the standard Compressed Air Vacuum Generator method is not suitable for your application, Upgrade to an Electric Vacuum Pump (EVP) model. 

Manual Vs PLC Control

Choose between simplistic Manual Valve Control or Automated PLC with Touch Screen HMI to automate complex ASTM Testing Standards

Case Study

Top food package testing methods for consumer safety

Ever wondered how your favorite snacks stay fresh from the factory to your pantry? It’s all thanks to rigorous food packaging testing, a critical step in the food manufacturing process that often goes unnoticed. My dive into the world of food packaging testing reveals how this process keeps your food safe and delicious.

Our Partners in Success

Trusted by Industry Leaders

FlexPak has an outstanding product!

FlexPak has an outstanding product, pure and simple. It is fast, easy to clean, and very reliable in its feedback. I’m so glad we made this choice; we are able to make small adjustments on the fly to our packaging equipment because of its precise accuracy. 5 Stars for FlexPak!

Dave D., CEO

We rely heavily on the reliabilty of these FlexPak Leak Detectors

We have a tank purchased in 2013 and it's still going with no end in sight, used every day. It’s a solid product and has become an essential part of our quality system.

Kurt L., Quality Control Coordinator
Packall Packaging Inc.

Leak tester works great!

Leak tester works great and this will save me hours of time every week. Ultimately I’ll be able to turn this over to our hourly workforce. Thanks again for a great product!

Ross D., P.E.
Eaton Corporation

Works great!

Leak detector works great. No issues and excellent company to deal with.

Terry C.
Heidelberg Foods Ltd.
Our Process

Simplified for Success

Discover our streamlined process, designed to take your food packaging from initial evaluation to certified safety with ease. We guide you through every step, ensuring your products achieve the highest standards of quality and compliance.

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