Electric Vacuum Pump

The Electric Vacuum Pump offers a simplistic solution when compressed air is unavailable, replacing the standard compressed air system and allowing you to create a vacuum for package seal integrity testing.

Our Leak Detectors are standardly equipped with a compressed air powered vacuum generator, which means you’ll need to supply compressed air. Alternatively, if you have power outlets available, the Electric Vacuum Pump option will get you testing packages without delay.


Vacuum Range

0- 25 inHg (0-85kPa).


Safety Features

Oil-Less Dry Vacuum Pump, Water Intake Check Valve, Electrical GFI Power Supply, IP54 Rated Pump Motor.


Electrical Requirements

120V 3A 60 Hz, 240V 2A 60 Hz.

Electrical Certifications

UL, ULc, and CE certified.



All models of Leak Detectors

Electric Controllers


Electric Vacuum Pump Spec Sheet

The FlexPak Advantage

Our Leak Detectors can be used to perform a variety of seal integrity tests to help you determine the source of any leaks in your packaging, ensuring your packaging meets its destination fully intact. Capable of performing seal integrity tests in both wet and dry environments, our Leak Detectors are available in a variety of sizes, and are built to effectively test a myriad of product and package specifications.



In order to make reliable packages, reliable testing equipment is needed. We've sourced the highest quality Vacuum Pump of German design to ensure reliable consistency from our Leak Detectors.


Industrial Quality.

High output packages operations require Industrial solutions. Our Oil-Less Electric Vacuum Pump  ensures a trouble free alternative when compressed air is not available for any Lab or Production Floor.



Our Leak Detectors are configured to meet your specific needs. Vacuum generation via an electric vacuum pump allows your Leak Detector be installed virtually anywhere in your facility. 

FlexPak has an outstanding product!

FlexPak has an outstanding product, pure and simple. It is fast, easy to clean, and very reliable in its feedback. I’m so glad we made this choice; we are able to make small adjustments on the fly to our packaging equipment because of its precise accuracy. 5 Stars for FlexPak!

Dave D., CEO

We rely heavily on the reliabilty of these FlexPak Leak Detectors

We have a tank purchased in 2013 and it's still going with no end in sight, used every day. It’s a solid product and has become an essential part of our quality system.

Kurt L., Quality Control Coordinator
Packall Packaging Inc.

Leak tester works great!

Leak tester works great and this will save me hours of time every week. Ultimately I’ll be able to turn this over to our hourly workforce. Thanks again for a great product!

Ross D., P.E.
Eaton Corporation

Works great!

Leak detector works great. No issues and excellent company to deal with.

Terry C.
Heidelberg Foods Ltd.

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