Dry chamber tests are tests that are performed within a dry Leak Detector tank. Simply put, there is no water within the tank. The Dry Tank Leak Procedure is best suited for packages whose contents are liquid and have little headspace or air within the package, and is typically used with liquid filled products, such as condiment sachets or bottles with lug-style and threaded caps.

The package is placed in a dry FLEXPEK tank (or chamber) on a paper towel or absorbent material. The vacuum is drawn to operator specifications and if after the test finishes, the towel or material is wet, the package seal is faulty.

The operation of a dry chamber test is the same as all other tests performed by our package leak detectors, however the failure point of a package is not identified by an air bubble in the water bath, but rather the presence of a liquid leak within the dry tank. ASTM D5094 (Gross leakage of Liquids with Threaded or Lug-Style Closures) Testing Standard is performed in a dry tank environment.

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