Rules of 50/50

Entry into the 50/50 is $20 – etransfer Tanner

You are allowed unlimited Entries

50 % of proceeds will go to the baby’s education fund.

The remaining 50% of total donations will be returned to the winner.

There will be only 1 winner.

All Entries must be made by Feb 3rd 204.

How to Enter/Win?

To Enter Click “SUBMIT ENTRY HERE” and fill out the Form.

Each Entry Requires:

              1. Your Name
             2. Guess the Baby’s Sex
               3. Guess the Date of Birth
              4. Guess the Time of Birth
Whichever entry has the correct sex, the correct date (or closest to the date) and the closest time to the actual birth will win.

Due Date Facts

Birth Window: Feb 1st – March 7th 2024

Due Date: Feb 22nd

Sav think’s it’s a boy

Tan think’s is a girl


Winner will be announced after baby is born. Entries will be posted here after the 3rd of Feb (entry due date)

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