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Our standard FlexPak equipment uses compressed air to create a vacuum for package seal integrity testing. However, not all customers will have compressed air available. For these applications, we have an optional, industrial duty, electric vacuum pump which replaces the standard compressed air system.



Industrial Duty Vacuum Pump

Flexpak OPTIONAL electric vacuum pump – adjustable vacuum CONTROL

Electric Vacuum Pump Vacuum Adjustment

The Gizmo: Exclusive to FlexPak

The self-contained electric vacuum pump is adjustable 0 to 25 inches Hg (0-85 kPa) and is conveniently mounted on the base of the FlexPak Leak Detector.


Oil-free operation prevents oil contamination to the working environment.

The Gizmo: Exclusive to FlexPak

The Gizmo helps prevent water damage to the pump by stopping water from entering the vacuum hose in case of accidental tank overfilling.

Pump power requirement is 120-240 VAC 50/60 Hz and is supplied complete with ground fault protected power cord with on/off switch. (Note: Required voltage is to be specified by the customer at the time of the order.)

Pump motor is IP54 rated for splash and particle resistance.


UL, ULc and CE certified.

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