Jim Waslowski, President and CEO of Flex Essentials Inc. has announced that the company has restructured and created a new company to focus on the FlexPak Leak Detector product line. The new company, FlexPak Leak Detectors Inc., will be operated by Roxanne Waslowski, President.

FlexPak Leak Detectors are used to test the seal integrity of packaging and help reduce scrap rates by giving a visual location of where defects exist. Flexpak are used for ASTM tests D3078, bubble emmision test, and F2096 Altitude simulation test. Machine operators can then take action to affect a solution for the defect’s exact location.

Flex Essentials Inc. will focus on growing the FlexStor product line. FlexStor is a sleeve storage system for the flexographic printing and lamination industry and is considered the industry standard for flexo sleeve storage systems.

Both FlexPak and FlexStor are supplied worldwide.

More information can be found at

www.FlexPak Inc.com and www.FlexStorInc.com