Leak Detector’s Operator Friendly Ambidextrous Lid Operation

FlexPak Leak Detector

Leak Detector Inc. Announces Leak Detector’s Operator Friendly Ambidextrous Lid Operation.

Leak Detector Inc. is proud to announce the Package Leak Detector now features an ambidextrous lid!  Package Leak Detector and Seal Tester has eliminated the lid stay that is normally used and replaced it with a stainless-steel gas spring. By doing so the lid can be closed with only one hand, left or right!  No more fumbling with two hands to close the lid!  This feature is now standard on all models of , says Roxanne Waslowski, President.

 Package Leak Detector and Seal Testing unit is used by many industries in the manufacturing of packaging materials, as well as end-user packagers of dairy, meat, seafood, confectionery, snacks, pet food, cereals, baked goods, coffee, medical, pharma and any non-food packaging items where package seal, seam or closure integrity is critical.

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