How to Set a Testing Standard for your Packages

Quality assurance is an important step in the manufacturing process, as it allows you to ensure that you are sending the best quality product to your customers. Just as it is important to test the product itself however, it is important that you test your packaging in order to ensure it can stand up to […]

Leak Testing in the Pharma Industry: Why is it important?

Pharmaceutical products can be extremely delicate and need to be kept sterile.  It is important that packaging for pharmaceuticals is of the highest standards as the packaging does not only affect the brand, but faulty packaging can also become a health and safety issue. By including leak testing in pharma production and packaging, you can ensure […]

Why Leak Testing is Important Throughout the Manufacturing Process

Leak testing is an important part of the manufacturing process. While an initial leak test of a manufactured package is crucial, it is also important to continuously test for leaks throughout the manufacturing process.  FlexPak Package Leak Detectors can help you maintain the highest standard of seal integrity in your packaging at every stage of development […]