Leak testing is an important part of the manufacturing process. While an initial leak test of a manufactured package is crucial, it is also important to continuously test for leaks throughout the manufacturing process.  FlexPak Package Leak Detectors can help you maintain the highest standard of seal integrity in your packaging at every stage of development and manufacture.

Leak testing your packaging will ensure that your product is going to market with the highest integrity possible.  Continuous testing will also allow you to better determine where packaging defects are occurring and remedy them efficiently – minimizing product loss. Seals will be improved at all stages of the manufacturing process, streamlining your production and increasing productivity.  

This article will explain why leak testing is important throughout the manufacturing process. 

Maintain Product Stability 

Leak testing is especially important in industries where products are prone to spoilage, such as the food or pharmaceutical industries.  In these cases, any leaks in package seals could lead to air penetration, decreasing shelf life and making products unsafe for consumers. 

If a package requires complex packaging and undergoes multiple seals and/or sterilizations during the packaging process (as may be the case with medications or vaccines), it is important to implement package leak testing at all stages.  Confirming there are no leaks in the packaging throughout manufacture will ensure that products maintain their integrity and stability, reaching consumers in their intended state – safe for consumption. 

Minimize Product Loss

If you are already conducting leak testing at the end of your manufacturing process, you should consider implementing additional tests throughout the process.  Doing so will minimize product loss, as you will be able to catch leaks at the exact point at which they are occurring. 

If you are testing new, complex packaging and detect a leak after manufacture, you will need to investigate where and when the leak is occurring. Rather than conducting multiple tests after the fact to determine the source of a leak, testing throughout the process means you will be able to determine exactly where your packaging has failed in real time. You will be able to adjust your packaging immediately, preventing lost time in your product development. 

Efficiency will be improved across the manufacturing process as leak testing best practices are implemented, allowing you to produce quality products consistently, minimize lost time and product, and better achieve your objectives. 

FlexPak Solutions 

FlexPak Package Leak Detectors provide several leak testing solutions to suit all your package integrity and leak testing needs.  Different product types require different testing conditions. FlexPak can ensure your package seals meet numerous ASTM testing standards. 

Bubble Leak Testing: Bubble Leak Testing is completed in an acrylic vacuum chamber.  The sealed product is submerged in water, and, when put under pressure, bubbles will form at any compromised points in the packaging.  Bubble Leak Testing is an easy visual test that will ensure your packaging’s integrity and adheres to the ASTM D3078 testing standard.

Altitude Simulation Testing: Altitude Simulation testing, the ASTM D6653 testing standard, is a package integrity testing method that simulates the extreme pressure changes a package may undergo during transport. An altitude test will simulate ascent and descent rates as well as maintain a set altitude for an extended period of time, thus ensuring that packaging can withstand its transport and reach consumers intact.  

Dry Chamber Tests: A Dry Chamber Test is performed without liquid in a leak detector tank.  This procedure is best suited for packages containing liquids, such as condiment sachets or bottles with lug-style and threaded caps.  The package is placed within the chamber on an absorbent material, and, when put under pressure, any leaks will result in the presence of liquid within the dry tank. ASTM D5094 testing standard is performed in a dry tank environment. 

Leak testing is an important step in the manufacturing process and should be completed regularly to ensure your product seals are maintaining integrity at all stages of its lifespan.  FlexPak offers custom solutions to ensure your packaging is at its best and can work with you to find the best equipment to meet your needs.  

From Seafood to Snack Food, Pasta to Pet Food, and anywhere in between, FlexPak is the most reliable solution when it comes to package seal integrity and leak testing equipment.  Contact us now at (416) 399-5583 or visit us at https://flexpakinc.com for more information or to request a quote.