With FLEXPAK package leak detection, there are multiple packaging testing methods for your applications to ensure the highest quality in seals, seams, closures and substrates are being met. The seal integrity test methods may vary depending on the contents of the package, but the FLEXPAK leak detection system provides all of these testing options with one machine.

FLEXPAK vacuum style leak detector can be used to facilitate testing to standards such as ASTM D3078 (Bubble Emission Test, Tightness Test), ASTM D6653 (Altitude Test), ASTM F2096, ASTM D4169, ASTM D4991 (Leak testing Empty Rigid Containers), and  ASTM D5094 (Gross Leakage of Liquids with Threaded or Lug-style Closures). Any package integrity test that requires a vacuum chamber, underwater bubble test, or package pressure test can be done with the FLEXPAK seal integrity, vacuum tank, bubble leak detector (with the applicable options).

Technical Explanation of the Science Behind our Package Leak Detectors

When a package is filled with product and sealed, the atmosphere within the package is at a set pressure (this pressure could be equal to atmospheric pressure, greater than atmospheric pressure aka positive pressure, or less than atmospheric pressure aka a vacuum atmosphere). Our FLEXPAK Leak Detector is a vacuum chamber, which will lower the pressure within the tank atmosphere by creating a vacuum within the tank. In this case we are referring to a “Vacuum Atmosphere” as any pressure level below atmospheric pressure.

By placing a package within the vacuum chamber and drawing a vacuum on the tank/vacuum chamber, a pressure differential is created between the Package Atmosphere and Tank Atmosphere. The Barrier separating this pressure differential is the package walls and seals. Force is exerted on the package walls from the higher interior pressure of the Package Atmosphere, applying stress to the package walls and seals. If the seal integrity of a package is compromised, air (or liquids depending on the package) will escape through that failure point.

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