Altitude simulation (ASTM D6653) is an important package integrity testing approach for leak detection that can be used to simulate the extremes of pressure changes a package will be exposed to during transit. This is especially important for packages that are shipped via air freight or ground freight that crosses mountainous regions with altitude changes.

The concepts of the tests are the same as a bubble emission or dry tank test, however an altitude simulation test must maintain ascent and descent rates, and maintain a set altitude for an extended period of time. This differs from other package leak detection tests as the duration of the test is similar to what a package would experience during transit. The Altitude Simulation testing standard can be considered as a modified Bubble Emission Test.

Altitude Simulation tests can be performed by all FLEXPEK Leak Detectors. Our FPFA and FPLA series controllers automate the ascent and descent rates as well as time at altitude for the Altitude Simulation test as per ASTM D6653 Testing Standards. This testing standard can be performed manually, however to be compliant with ASTM D6653 Testing Standards, a specific range of ascent and descent rates must be maintained throughout the test.

The chart below provides a graphical representation of a Simulated Altitude and the associated test vacuum level.

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