Low Head Space & Vacuum Seal Integrity Testing is used for packages that are vacuumed sealed (or vacuum packed), and is a destructive test. To perform the test, a small Vacuum Package (VAC) attachment is used and a Bubble Emission Test is then performed. The special VAC attachment lets atmospheric air into the package allowing a bubble to be created should there be a defect in the package.

Vacuum Package (VAC) Attachment Add-On

Seal Integrity Testing methods performed by our Package Leak Detection Equipment require a pressure differential to stress the seal integrity of a package. This requires a minimum level of headspace, (air or gas) within the package as well as a minimum pressure differential between the package atmosphere and the tank atmosphere during a test. Liquid filled flexible packages, like condiment sachets, milk bags, and liquid pouches, are typically low on head space and only have limited amounts of air within them (this is also true of packages with very small volumes). These scenarios can make it difficult to perform seal integrity tests on the package, as there is not enough air within the package to perform a bubble test.

By utilizing our Vacuum Package (VAC) Attachment add-on option, we are able to provide atmospheric air into the package environment, allowing for air to be available during a bubble emission test or a dry chamber test. Vacuum Sealed Packages are also able to be tested with a Package Leak Detector as the package atmosphere is now at a higher pressure, and there is air which will produce air bubbles for bubble emission tests.

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