What you Should Consider when Choosing Leak Testing Equipment

If you produce packaged goods, then it is likely you have heard about the importance of leak testing.  Leak testing is an important step in the manufacturing process, and can ensure that your products are reaching customers intact.  However, it may be difficult to discern exactly what equipment you will need to begin leak testing your products.  Your choice […]

Why Leak Testing is Important Throughout the Manufacturing Process

Leak testing is an important part of the manufacturing process. While an initial leak test of a manufactured package is crucial, it is also important to continuously test for leaks throughout the manufacturing process.  FlexPak Package Leak Detectors can help you maintain the highest standard of seal integrity in your packaging at every stage of development […]

The Importance of Package Seal Integrity in the Food Industry

Packaging is an important aspect of a product’s development. Not only can packaging help establish a product or brand, but it is also crucial in maintaining quality control and ensuring the product reaches consumers without spoilage. Ensuring package integrity will allow food to travel to its destination unspoiled, delivering a quality product and building brand […]