If you produce packaged goods, then it is likely you have heard about the importance of leak testing.  Leak testing is an important step in the manufacturing process, and can ensure that your products are reaching customers intact.  However, it may be difficult to discern exactly what equipment you will need to begin leak testing your products. 

Your choice in leak testing equipment should take into consideration your industry, products, and the diversity of your product lines. FlexPak Package Leak Detectors can help you to ensure your products are maintaining their integrity and quality with a variety of sizes, tests, and custom solutions.  Read on to learn more about how you can choose the proper leak testing equipment for your needs, and what questions to answer before you make a decision.  

1. What Type Of Product Do You Plan On Testing?

Before deciding what leak testing equipment you will need, it is important to determine what type of product you will be testing.  Certain packaging materials and products will need specific types of leak testing.  Is your packaging rigid or flexible? Is it a solid or a liquid? These questions will help inform what type of test you will need to perform.  For example, if you are testing flexible, fluid-filled sachets such as condiment packages, you will be best served with equipment that can perform a Dry Chamber Test.  

2. How Many Different Products Do You Need To Test?

Another consideration is whether you will be using your equipment to test one, or multiple, products.  As mentioned, different products need different tests, and so if you plan on testing multiple products you will need equipment that is capable of performing multiple tests.  You will also need to consider the size of the products you will need to test. If you have one product to test currently, will you have more in the future, and will they be of similar size and makeup?  Ensure you are investing in the proper size equipment to suit your present and future needs. 

3. Should You Choose Destructive Or Non-Destructive Testing?

You should also consider whether you can afford to lose product during testing, as you will have the option of performing destructive or non-destructive tests.  When testing vacuum sealed packaging, the best test for the job is the Low Head Space test—however, this test is destructive and will lead to lost product. If your product has a high cost to manufacture or extremely low margins, you may need to look for alternative testing methods to avoid product loss.  

4. What Conditions Does the Package Need To Withstand?

The conditions that your packaging will need to withstand as it makes its way to customers will also inform what testing equipment you will require. Many products will travel by air to reach their destinations, whether they are travelling to retailers or directly to the customers themselves.  Your product packaging will need to withstand high and changing altitudes without being compromised in order to ensure it is reaching consumers intact.  FlexPak Leak Detectors can perform Altitude Simulation testing on your packaging, testing its performance during ascent and descent pressure changes, as well as determining whether it can maintain a set altitude for an extended period of time. If your packaging will be shipped, this test is an important step in the manufacturing process to maintain the stability and integrity of your product, and you should choose equipment that reliably performs altitude testing.  

5. What Are Your Production Goals And Capabilities?

Finally, your own manufacturing capabilities and production goals are an important factor when choosing your leak testing equipment.  You should consider your timeline for implementation of leak testing, the capabilities of your team, and whether leak testing can be easily inserted into your existing procedures or whether they will require reworking prior to beginning testing.  Do you have existing team members who will be able to operate leak testing equipment with the proper training, or will you need to hire new staff? Do your staffing levels allow for someone to set testing parameters, monitor tests, and record results, or do you need an automated solution?  FlexPak offers both semi-automated and fully-automated controls for consistent and accurate results, allowing you to choose the solution that best suits your needs.

It is important to consider these questions when determining the best leak testing solution to implement. FlexPak provides equipment that can perform a variety of tests, including Bubble Leak, High Altitude, Low Head Space, and Dry Chamber Tests. No matter what type of product you hope to test, FlexPak has the solution for you—even if it means a custom solution! The experts at FlexPak will ensure that you are choosing the right equipment for you.

From Seafood to Snack Food, Pasta to Pet Food, and anywhere in between, FlexPak is the most reliable solution when it comes to package seal integrity and leak testing equipment.  Contact us now at (416) 399-5583 or visit us at https://flexpakinc.com for more information or to request a quote.